Our Small Taco Grill that fits anywhere you want us to serve your fresh tacos.




We at wanTacos.com take pride for our unique way to provide the most convenient way to cater Authentic Mexican Tacos for your special celebrations or social events. We offer the service at the convenience of your home and/or business celebration which includes the catering and serving of our fresh tacos to your guest. All you need to is to provide a safe spot outside of your home and/or business to place our taco cart and choose your favorite tacos and salsas. Plus we offer additional items for appetizers or the appetite of children. We will provide everything else to serve your guest with eco-friendly utensils, papergoods and napkins at not additional cost.

In addition, we offer some seasonal and additional Mexican specialties like Mexican Tamales, Champurrado, Guacamole and a variety of salsas that are made to your level of hotness - Mild, Hot, Super Hot. For your convenience you can even order sodas or bottles of water to save you time and headaches on your preparation for your celebration.

Our Principles

Quality and Health

We drive for quality which is our main reason of having a pre-cooking approval from our customer before cooking the tacos. We will show our fresh meats before cooking and preparation to assure our customer satisfaction that we have selected good quality fresh meats and vegetables. Healthy food becomes part of our quality and we select lean meats with the lowest fat possible and organic vegetables from local farmers.

Customer Service

Customers are our priority and we will do whatever it takes! to keep our customer happy with our service. The total price is always negotiable plus we will be more than happy to work with your budget to save you money and efforts. Simply be honest and let us know how we can help!! In this economy, everything is negotiable to keep our hearts happy with good friends and family while we cook your tacos.

Our Social Responsibility


There is nothing in the world that can replace the feeling of having fun and a good time on this earth while attending the appetite of humans. We support non-profits for a good cause: UKRAIN WAR VICTIMS, Global Warming, Domestic Abused Women, Animal Abuse, Alcoholics Anonymous, CANCER, etc... (see for yourself and be real! Do not give up! We are here to make things better!!!).

We are happy to support human's causes that can create this world a better place for the present and future generations to come. "Our Tacos can make a difference"

Take POLITICS AWAY an DON'T HATE! We will support charity events to raise funds $$$ for real HUMAN ISSUES like:

UKRAINE WAR VICTIMS, Green Earth, Police Dogs K9 Shelters, Abused Pets Shelters, Abused Women Shelters, Homeless Shelters, Child Obesity Programs, Local Sport Leagues for Children, and more!


We drive for simplicity with our taco bar setup and worry free service to our customers. Simply book your party and don't worry about the rest, we are ready to make things happen and help you celebrate and enjoy your tacos. Simply have a spot available to cook your tacos and we will take care of the rest.


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